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Rimeta Shield
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March 2020

We asked ourselves how we might contribute in the global fight against COVID-19 by exploiting our potential, both as a company and as a network.

We have reimagined our production lines, sought out the necessary materials and performed numerous tests with digital and physical prototypes.
The result is Shield, a product far removed from our traditional maritime focus, but in its simplicity, we hope that it can contribute to improving the safety conditions of the people who are engaged in the front line of the COVID-19 emergency.

We are validating the design with the authorities that regulate the supply of equipment to the medical community, and in the meantime, anyone interested or wanting to receive further information can write to us here.


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Shield sharing 

Rimeta Shield is not-for-profit project.

We are publishing the complete designs and encouraging as many people as possible to download them and start saving lives.



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