Shield sharing

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Shield sharing
Condividere le idee


March 2020

Having ideas is easy; it is their implementation that is difficult.

Jeff Bezos

If this quote is true under normal circumstances, it’s especially so during a health emergency when official resources and processes are frozen.

It is for this reason that we are appealing to the global community of makers and small manufacturers to download our files and help their cities or regions.

Thanks to the support of B+B International, a Venetian company and leading supplier of Esko plotters and cutting tables, we aim to create a regional production network with other similarly equipped companies  in the area.

At this link it is possible to download all the source files required for the realization of the Shields, a guide for the assembly of the final product, and the specification sheet for the polycarbonate material we use.


Making protective screens isn’t our core business and probably won’t be in the future.

However the relationships between people required to launch a project like Shield has always been at the heart of our operational philosophy.




- Download Rimeta Shield files